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powerful words + meaningful visuals.


appealing to the eye,
and nourishing the soul.


live with intention.
love others.
serve well.

welcome + bienvenidos to my home on the internet.
my name is josefina and i am the woman behind love offering.
love offering is my creative space where art, community, and life’s journey is celebrated.
it is the platform i use to inspire others to
create a culture of unity, self care, creativity, and slow living.
from calligraphy/art services, to community sessions, to creative support.
love offering exists to speak up for those still finding their voice and advocate for art
as a self care + slow living ritual .

make yourself at home.

my life’s work:

Create Fearlessly. Cultivate Community. Celebrate the Journey


calligraphy/art services

creating is something I yearn for. here you can make your request for calligraphy services from logos, to wedding stationery, to book design.


community sessions

community is something i live for. here you can find my latest gatherings, from in person workshops to upcoming conference dates.


creative support

growth is something i strive for. here you can receive creative support through mentoring sessions + online courses from content creation to finding your voice.


my first book is out!

The Mourning Sister

I’ve always had the deepest desire to be a mother. January 2017 Jay and I were thrilled to know that we were becoming parents. The celebration came to an abrupt stop as we discovered on our twelfth week that the life inside of me, was no longer there. Through heartache and heartbreak I took the time to write out my griefs.
I wrote when I was hopeful and when I felt helpless.

While this book was written because of my traumatic miscarriage, it explores the different waves of grief that we all will experience with loss. This book is for the mourning person, who needs to know that they are not alone in this season and that they can experience joy in the midst of suffering.
I am excited to share with you my first book: The Mourning Sister,
a collection of poetry and prose that explores the journey of grief and joy.

available on amazon + barnes and noble.