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powerful words + meaningful visuals.


appealing to the eye,
and nourishing the soul.


live with intention.
love others.
serve well.

welcome + bienvenidos to my home on the internet.
my name is josefina and i am the woman behind love offering.
love offering is my creative space where art, community, and life’s journey is celebrated.
it is the platform i use to inspire others to create a culture of unity, self care, creativity, and slow living.

from calligraphy/art services, to community sessions, to creative support.
love offering exists to speak up for those still finding their voice and advocate for art as a self care + slow living ritual .

make yourself at home.

my life’s work:

Create Fearlessly. Cultivate Community. Celebrate the Journey


calligraphy/art services

creating is something I yearn for. here you can make your request for calligraphy services from logos, to wedding stationery, to book design.


community sessions

community is something i live for. here you can find my latest gatherings, from in person workshops to upcoming conference dates.


creative support

growth is something i strive for. here you can receive creative support through mentoring sessions + online courses from content creation to finding your voice.