I like the smell of eucalyptus,
the touch of handmade paper,
the taste of cafe con leche,
the sight of people coming together,
the sound of deep belly laughs,
the feeling of being fully known and fully loved.


Josefina Herrera Sanders is a creative freelancer living and working from tampa, florida.
She's a devoted Christ follower, wife, artist, writer, speaker, advocate, and social influencer.
With a deep love for fine art, Josefina is known for her minimal-yet elegant style and her gift of communicating intentionality,mood, and emotion in all that she does.
Her life's work is to create fearlessly, cultivate community, and celebrate the journey of life.
In other words ::
Josefina aspires to inspire people to live intentionally, love others, and serve well through powerful words and visuals.


words from josefina ::

Love Offering was found during a season of pain.

Growing up Dominican-American; music, happiness, strength, and courage was at the forefront of Dominican Pride.
I "thought" that because I'm Dominican, naturally "I should be"loud, outgoing, crazy, and strong;
and strength (to me) meant that any kind of pain, hurt, or sadness needed to be hidden, because it was a sign of weakness.
So, any kind of trauma I faced, was kept in secret, and never spoken about, until later on in life.

As I began to unravel into the person I was created to be, I learned that where I'm from doesn't come with a label.
 I learned that vulnerability is strength. That my story matters, and that my pain can be used as a platform full of purpose.

I've always been creative.
Ever since I was little I'd have my bags full of crayons and paper, ready to create stories and artwork. I didn't even realize that art had always been my creative outlet. It was healing balm to my soul during the dry seasons of life.
I taught myself calligraphy when my husband Jay and I got engaged. We were ballin on a budget, so I took over our invitations. Three months after our wedding, during one of the darkest seasons of my life, I picked up a journal and sought healing through writing and lettering. Five years later, and I am still my hands continue to create a pathway for healing.

Love Offering is the platform I use to inspire people to create a culture of unity, self care, creativity, and slow living.
It's the space where I share my whole self, speak up for those still finding their voice,
and advocate for art  as a self care + slow living ritual .

As I continue to evolve in my artistic journey, I hope that within any interaction we have, whether it be a simple hello, a special project, an art piece, calligraphy keepsake, or a workshop; you leave inspired to dream big, challenged to love hard, and encouraged to serve well.


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