There's no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
- Maya Angelou


A very important part of Love Offering has been the workshops that were established in 2016.
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These gatherings are far from your average. We spend time learning the art of lettering and then take part in a community project that involves, writing gratitude cards to local first responders or writing love notes to the kids at The Children's Hospital.

In addition to lettering, and hosting private events, Josefina has found a new love for communicating her love for people through speaking engagements. 

I'd love to work with you to share my vision, values, and story.
So pretty much, if you are looking for conversational topics based on:

The Need for Diversity, Using Art as a Creative Outlet, Embracing your Misfit-ness,Cultivating Community, Self-Care, Personal Growth, Teaching Calligraphy as a form of Therapy, and Faith- I'd be honored to do the deed!

If you know of an organization, or a special group that can benefit off some handwritten love notes, please contact me via:



I've had the incredible opportunity to share my journey and thoughts through out these amazing platforms!


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