small business owner

Growing Pains

Have you ever been in that place? Where life seems to be spinning uncontrollably fast and you have no clue on how to stand straight? Or maybe you have little desire to even try?

Well as you can see, I have.
And to be quite honest I think that it comes in waves.

You're either preparing for a tough season, getting over it, or currently going through it.

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Recipes for Productivity

It's been two months  since I've gone full time, and I will be the first to admit that this whole "being a full time small business owner" is no joke!
There have been many days in which I have questioned my decision of quitting my day job  and have found myself entertaining the thought of even going back to work.
And when I think about going back to work, I get all kinds of chills because I know that it's not for me.
 I will confess that most times in which I question and doubt my decision of quitting, is usually when I'm feeling uncomfortable and not really feeling my best.

But you and I know the saying,
Nothing good comes from your comfort zone.

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