a higher purpose

My great grandmother was (and still is) my greatest hero of all time.
She was a selfless, caring, driven, musically inclined, woman of God.
She had a way of bringing peace into my chaos, and calm into the madness.

I remember the very last time we spoke.
She laid in the bed with her eyes closed.

" Mama porque usted tienes los ojos cerrado "
"Mama why do you have your eyes closed?"

"Porque he visto todo,  esto cansada de ver lo mismo, ya quiero irme al cielo." 
"Because I've seen it all, I'm tired of seeing the same things, I'm ready to go to heaven."



Those piercing words somehow brought conviction to my heart.
Here's this 120 year old woman, telling me she's ready to die. 
She didn't have thousands of dollars stored up. She lived alone. She was a widow longer than she had been married. She outlived some of her children.
 Yet, she was content, and ready for the next stage, death.

As I continue to embrace this season of waiting, I’m reminded of mama. Mama didn’t rush through life, she embraced it with strength and dignity. She lived, so full that she died empty. 
With perseverance, passion, and purpose.

I too, want to live a life like her. 

When I started teaching calligraphy workshops I thought of my great grandmother.

I didn’t want to just “secure the bag.” 
Securing the bag, only meant that one day I’d run out. I wanted to secure my heart. I knew that there was a higher purpose to the passion unfolding before me, and I wanted to be sure that I was serving to my highest potential.

I dug deep. I remembered why I started in the first place.

I was in a dark place. Battling with depression, discouragement, and discomfort. So I journaled my prayers and incorporated lettering to it. It didn’t make my depression and anxiety go away, BUT, I found an outlet to release those worries.

And as I found freedom in my outlet I wanted to share this with everyone. So, I began teaching workshops. These workshops have been incredible to me. The lives that I’ve met through these gatherings have brought joy to my life, and the amazing cards that have been created during these classes have brought much encouragement to others.

This past year we’ve dedicated it to encouraging the children who are currently in foster care. As they received their cards written by former workshop attendees, I couldn’t help but think to myself:

What I’m doing right now serves, a higher purpose.


photos taken by: Priscilla Argenta




Josefina Sanders