Gift Guide: Grief and the Holidays

The holiday season is infused with love, joy, laughter and gifts, but with people who are experiencing loss, it is filled with the constant tugging of grief and loss.

With loss, it becomes harder to attain the joy that once (easily) consumed us during the holiday season. The days feel longer, the void is ever-present, and the sadness has hit an all time high. Social Media seems to remind us of what we have lost and the grieving process feels like it’s hit the restart button.
Whether you’re the person needing the affirmation, or you’re gifting this to someone who is grieving, this gift guide was curated for someone in need of encouragement this season.
Remember that it is okay to take the time to slow down, set boundaries, and self-care.

Stocking Stuffers
There is no better way to stuff those stockings than filling it with meaningful things that will fill our spirits and comfort our hearts.

Growing in Gratitude Journal 

There is no better way to cultivate a heart of gratitude than taking the time to jot down the things that you are grateful for. The Growing in Gratitude journal was created to help people pause, reflect, and tap into the personal practice of gratefulness. This journal has personally helped me change my perspective during the hard days, and it’s reminded me of the good things even during the growing seasons.

Angelbaby Remembrance Ornament

Angelbaby Remembrance Ornament

The Angelbaby Remembrance Ornaments were created as a way to celebrate the babies who have gained angel wings. After our miscarriage, I really wanted to create something that visibly showed me that, there was once life inside of me, and that I am still a mother. These ornaments are intentionally painted with pink and blue as a representation of Infertility/Loss and with gold to represent hope. They hold an open space for hand lettering of the baby’s name.

Home Necklace

There’s nothing sweeter than a meaningful gift. The home necklace is a great gift to share with someone you share special memories of home with. It’s also a great way to support a small business that supports adoption.


Candles have a way of bringing calm and relaxation to the atmosphere. Whenever I light them up, I feel a sensation of comfort and peace even in the midst of hardship. I am currently enjoying my cool mint candle from Wick Love Candles and I am also loving the Holiday Soy Candles from Blue Sage Eco Boutique.


In the midst of grief, I’ve found that spending some time replenishing has been a game changer. A fuel box filled with face masks, tea leaves or coffee beans, a personalized journal, is a great way to lift someone’s spirits. As the business of holidays captivates our full on attention, I am super intentional on slowing down and taking the time to take care of the things I easily neglect like skin care.

My husband and I have recently started using Hanahana Beauty Shea Butter and we refuse to go back. There’s absolutely nothing better than feeling smooth and confident after a bath or quick shower.

You Are Enough

Greeting Card

My you are enough card is perfect to insert that gift card (gas card, metro card, grocery visa card,) you’ve been meaning to bless your friend with. It is blank inside for your personal message to be written.

After loss, sharing experiences and making memories have become a much more meaningful thing to me. Gift someone (or yourself) an experience at a workshop. Search local events and even getaways to share time with that person. Whether it be a lettering class, candle making class, self care session, therapy session, etc. give the gift of encouragement and understanding.

As I walk through my personal grieving process I have grasped the importance of community. Although there is much needed alone time, I’ve come to learn that spending time with our loved ones is essential. If you are the one grieving, do not be afraid to speak up if something triggers you and don’t be afraid to set boundaries to protect your space. If you are the person who is gifting to the one grieving, do not be afraid to ask the person how they are doing, love on them.

Though this season is filled with family, feasts, and festivities, let us remember those who are experiencing loss and grieving during the holiday season. Gift them meaningful treasures that they will hold on to not only during the holiday season, but for the rest of their lives.