February 23

Three years ago, today, my life changed.
My friend Lauryn and I had planned a girl's day. We started off sharing a Starbucks drink and ventured out to Honeymoon Island beach. As we strolled in my happy place (the beach) we saw so many sweet memories happening before our eyes.
A family taking photos, Some newlyweds walking the beach with a little crowd with them, a guy running with his doggie...... and then my best friend asked me to be his beloved wife.

Lauryn and I were sitting on that bench, and as we looked at the ocean, and I showed her pictures of my niece and nephew, this very familiar melody was lingering in the air. Before I had time to figure out what was going on our friend Matt comes out singing the song I once told Jay I'd love to walk down the aisle to. 
And then, there he was, walking from behind the bench; with a crisp cut and fresh white button up.
The Love of my life; telling me how much he loved and had prayed for a woman like me. 

February 23 holds a special place in my heart.
Not only because my best friend proposed, but because during that day unlocked the path of a new journey.
And as I look in three years later, today we share a new celebration! 
The launch of something so much bigger than I am.
A new adventure in which we seek to walk through the unknown while holding hands with other imperfect people.
A place where you see heart and creativity intertwined in one.
You're not just in for some lettering pictures and video friends, you are about to embrace some beautiful messes with me. And as we take this leap together, I want to encourage you to use your voice.
Your voice may not be in calligraphy,
it may not be in speaking,
you might even think "I'm just a mom, what can I bring to the table?"


Whether it's one life, 10k followers, and simply those around you. 

Your life has a purpose.
Your story is important.
Your dreams count.
Your voice matters.
You were born to make an impact.

What does this have to do with Calligraphy and Lettering you may be thinking?
It has absolutely everything to do with it!
These words not only come from my heart, but they are the very same ones that I have held on to during the moments in which I felt inadequate for what I do. 
The times I felt discouraged, empty, and lonely. 

So as we embark this journey together, I want you to know that Calligraphy isn't all I do.
And that just like you, I am human too. I struggle, I fear, and sometimes I fail.
And that's okay as long as we don't stay there.

So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own - Matthew 6:34

Let's make today count, together.

Josefina SandersComment