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I like the smell of Trader Joe's blooms,
the touch of handmade paper,
the taste of cafe con leche
the sight of people coming together,
the sound of deep belly laughs
the feeling of being fully known and fully loved.

Josefina Sanders is a devoted creative freelancer living in Tampa, Florida with her husband and pup.
Growing up in the beautiful country of Dominican Republic she’s developed a love for culture, community, coffee, and creativity.
For years Josefina expressed herself in various forms of art; but, it wasn't until two months into her marriage, while walking through a dark season of depression that she found Calligraphy as a creative outlet.
 She now uses her platform, Love Offering, to infuse hope and inspire people to create fearlessly, live intentionally, and serve wholeheartedly.
With an eye for simplicity and a passion for people Josefina's  aspires to love people and serve well. She's has been featured in many publications such as, Southern Bride, Borrowed and Blue, Rising Tide Society and more.



Together with her husband they serve the college students at Idlewild Church.